Keep an eye grant

“Rianne Koens (Man and Activity) Peelpride.

The hidden powers of “Peelpride” is how the judges refer to Rianne Koens’ concept. She has proven that she is able to design an overall concept in which she has placed the consumer centre stage. Her series of products fits in with a trend; it is decorative and applicable at the same time. Rianne uses rituals that the consumer is able to shape to his own tastes. More importantly, Rianne offers plenty of opportunity to extend her concept into related products.”


Public Kids Award

At the final day of the Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation the public awards were granted by Eindhovens Dagblad. During our show visitors were asked to vote for their favourite designproject. This lead to a total of more than 25.000 votes on all projects. In the end only one project could win the Public Award. In addition, one project was awarded by the youngsters at the Graduation with the Kids Award.




Brains Award

Otura® Design was nominated for the Brains Award Eindhoven 2011.


Curriculum vitae

First name Rianne
Last name Koens
Date of birth 01-06-1988
City of birth Lochem, Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
My role as a designer is to look curious and critically at the society, to stand out and respond to find new and better solutions for our environment and us. I’m mainly focused on meeting interior needs and like to see for better solutions. Usability is of a great value in my products with an original touch.
Products have an impact on their environment. Therefore I design products that through their use result a positive effect. I’m aware of the fact that I am, as a product designer responsible for what I bring into the world.
2001-2007 Gymnasium
‘t Staring College
Lochem, the Netherlands
2007-2011 Bachelor industrial design
Design Academy Eindhoven (HBO)
Department: Man and activity
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
2007 Gymnasium
2011 Bachelor industrial design (cum laude)


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Dreamweaver
Microsoft Word





Dutch native language  –
English high level high  high
German basic level basic  basic
Turkish medium level medium  medium





Rianne was a student in my department, Man and Activity, at the Design Academy Eindhoven for four years. She was a very good student and one with her own vision.

She is particularly concerned with the content of things, and with raising the level of the everyday by integrating ritual in a contemporary way. She is very hard working and her projects are usually supported by intelligent research outside the obvious scope of design, marrying it with history, science and other disciplines to make unusual lateral connections. She is able to carry this through to the finished product, having an unusually fine sensitivity when it comes to materials.

As an individual she is outstanding in that although she has a strong focus and an original position, she is able to work well with in a team and is very supportive of others in a group.

Oscar Pena A,
Global Creative Director, Lighting
Philips Design

Head of department Man and Activity
The Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands



Working abroad is a big issue, but it’s harder if that country has a much different culture than yours. Rianne proved her ability of being a talented young designer, by her successful work period in Istanbul. She had been always inspiring and solution oriented. In addition to her creative design abilities she is a very quick learner and improves her skills very fast.

Besides these design-oriented comments, I was much impressed by her high motivation and positive energy towards completing any task she was given. Once there is a project, Rianne was in charge of all steps and worked responsible. This is why I enjoyed having her as my team, because I always knew she’d consider all points and fulfill all necessary action.

Gamze Derinoz
Design manager Autoban 212


Jane Worthington

Rianne was my student at the Design Academy Eindhoven from 2008 until 2011. She was always a hard working and dedicated student, however I did not know her well. This was until she chose me to mentor her through her exam with her award winning Schillenpracht project. I must say in this period that I spent intensively with Rianne that she surprised me with both her talent and ambition. Few students pass my way with this kind of strength and determination. She is a quiet, unassuming girl and quiet unassuming people as I know are often underestimated. However, in our last 6 months together I learnt that Rianne’s has the ability to stand above the rest, she does this by giving 100% every time. This is recognised in the Cum Laude which myself and my colleagues awarded her for her exam work and in the keep an eye grant which she  subsequently received for her project Schillenpracht.

She will go far in life and I wish her every success.

Jane Worthington